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Approved Applicator Program

What are the basic requirements to become an Acrymax Approved Applicator?

• Commitment to apply all Acrymax products safely and in accordance with Acrymax standards.

• Demonstration of quality workmanship.

• A record of dependable customer service.

• Excellent reputation with customers and suppliers.

• History of financial stability and a good credit rating.


How do you become an Acrymax Approved Applicator?

• Submit Acrymax Approved Applicator Application (References must be included).

• Submit Acrymax Credit Application.

• Provide proof of insurance.

• Fulfill Acrymax training requirements.

• Execute Acrymax Approved Applicator agreement.

Acrymax Technologies Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any applicator as an approved applicator based solely on our opinion of their qualifications. Continued approval is contingent on maintaining minimum requirements as set by Acrymax.


For additional information about becoming an Acrymax Approved Applicator give us a call at 800-553-0523 or e-mail us at


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