Case Study: MAT Building

The metal roof at the USCG Station in Bayonne, New Jersey had been leaking for years. Additionally, the color of the metal panels that had been installed was not consistent with the red color scheme associated with the Coast Guard.  Since the Coast Guard had successfully used Acrymax on other roofing projects they contacted Acrymax for a solution. Adding another dimension to the project was the fact that the existing roof was coated with a factory applied fluoropolymer finish and these types of finishes can be difficult to adhere to. Fortunately, Acrymax had the answer. Acrymax AF-5500 is a high performance coating that is based on new waterborne fluoropolymer resins that are state-of-the art.  This coating exhibits superior weatherability and color retention and important for this project has good adhesion to metal roofs with fluoropolymer finishes. Acrymax worked closely with the design team from the Coast Guard to develop the specification that called for applying a primer coat of AF-5500 in a gray color, followed by reinforcement of the seams with AF-130 Elastomeric Acrylic coating, and finally a 2 coat application of AF-5500 in Coast Guard Red.  The roof was completed in the summer of 2010.