LEED Recommended For All General Services Administration Buildings

Early this month, the Green Building Advisory Committee, officially recommended that all General Services Administration (GSA) buildings use the LEED green building certification system. The Green Building Advisory Committee was established by GSA in 2011. The reason for this recommendation is to measure the buildings efficiency. The committee also communicated that LEED should be the […]

Spring is Here: Coating System Installation

Part 3 of 3 With the first day of spring, we want to focus on coating system installation and specifically on weather! Spring is a great time to apply coatings, but like anytime of the year, applicators should be conscientious of the weather. Waterborne coatings require good exterior painting conditions. At a minimum, you will […]

Spring is on the Way: Prepare for Coating

We’re getting closer; only 17 days now until spring! In our last blog we talked about Roof System Selection. This week we want to focus on preparation. Preparation is one of the most important and critical steps for successful and long lasting roof coating applications. You must make sure the preparation of the roof is […]

Spring is on the Way: Roof System Selection

Only 21 days till the first day of spring! Make your roof even better with preventive maintenance! Or give that neglected roof some TLC! No matter your existing roof type, Acrymax has a coating system that will fit your needs. Selection of the base layer/primer to any coating system is crucial. An existing asphalt roof […]

USDA Kingville, TX restored using AF-4400 & AF-5500

This project was completed in 2018 at a USDA facility in Kingsville, TX using the AF-4400 for the roofing applications and AF-5500 for the metal wall panels. These products provide the ultimate performance in roof coating and paint technology as they are formulated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resins. The roofs received our ARS-3-M15 system (base […]

What is the Best Application Equipment?

So now you have the product with which you plan to coat your roof. How should I apply those coatings and what equipment will I need? In this blog, we will talk about the different equipment you can use, and where they are most applicable. Brief summary: Brushing is suitable for small areas, edges or […]