Acrymax offers a range of products for the architectural market. These include roof coatings, fluid applied roof membrane systems, elastomeric wall coatings, rust inhibitive coatings, general maintenance coatings, sealers, reinforcement fabrics, and a variety of other coatings and systems for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, or government structures. We focus on waterborne coating systems that are environmentally responsible. We support the green building industry with our membership in the US Green Building Council.

Industrial coatings are generally defined as “coatings which are applied to factory-made articles (before or after fabrication) usually with the help of special techniques for applying and drying. Acrymax offers a number of products including coatings and sealants for OEM and industrial use.


A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with a particular substance. PDF files for all out coating products are available here. Workers should familiarize themselves with all the information available on the MSDS and an MSDS should be kept at the work site where the product is being used. specific customers for over half a century. From homeowners to international corporations we supply coatings to a diverse range of customers. The one thing all our customers share is our commitment to excellence. Get to know us by the company we keep.