Building Envelope

Low-Slope Roofs

Our waterborne coatings and liquid roofing systems can restore and recover your roof (all substrates).

  • With 100% acrylic, internally plasticized polymers, Acrymax roofing systems can sustain your roof’s life indefinitely with simple recoats
  • Liquid-applied, fully-adhered, seamless roofing membranes
  • Moisture and thermal protection, as well as cool roofing solutions available
  • Exceeds ASTM D6083, FM Approval, and many other certifications

Metal Roofs

Get unparalleled protection made for the particular needs of metal roofs.

  • Our field-applied PVDF (fluoropolymers) system gives the ultimate color retention
  • For protection, aesthetics, and waterproofing, our acrylic elastomerics are the industry standard
  • Need to leakproof your roof and get Kynar® performance? We offer a hybrid PVDF/Acrylic elastomeric system

Metal Walls

To meet the needs of accelerated construction with durable factory-like finishes, look to our Kynar®  Aquatec PVDF emulsions

  • Field-applied coatings expedite timelines without sacrificing quality or aesthetics
  • Custom-color coating, exceptional color retention, and weather resistance offer vibrancy and longevity tailored to your project
  • Resists dirt, staining, algae, mold, and corrosion

Masonry (Elastomerics)

Enjoy long-lasting moisture and thermal protection that protects and enhances the look of your masonry, concrete, and synthetic stucco substrates for years to come

  • Decorative coating with enhanced mold/mildew and dirt pick-up resistance
  • Bridge hairline cracks and preserve wall integrity
  • Withstands wind-driven rain

Masonry (Sealers)

Protect your masonry from spalling and cracking (from the freeze/thaw cycle), efflorescence, and water absorption.

  • With a unique blend of silane-siloxane technology, our sealers offer a deeply penetrating and invisible water repellant for porous masonry
  • Our clear acrylic sealers are an excellent primer for cement substrates

Traffic Decks

Preserve and waterproof your concrete decks against the toughest traffic.

  • Available in pedestrian and vehicular traffic deck systems
  • With resistance to many chemicals, our traffic deck systems are also excellent for mechanical rooms and other similar applications