What Makes a Quality Coating

In its liquid state, a high performance elastomeric acrylic coating may look like nothing more than a simple bucket of paint. But when the container says “Acrymax Technologies” on the label, it contains more than just an elastomeric roof coating, waterproof masonry coating, wall coating, maintenance or protective coating. Mixed in with the high-tech polymers and performance enhancing additives are more than five decades of experience and an unmatched commitment to quality that only Acrymax can provide.

At Acrymax, we have spent more than 55 years delivering high performance solutions including liquid acrylic roofing systems, elastomeric roof coatings, reflective cool roofing systems, rust-inhibitive primers, sealers, and other specialty protective coating systems to customers across the Philadelphia area, the northeastern United States, and around the world. While the construction market represents the largest market segment for our materials, we also supply specialty coatings based on elastomeric technologies to the aerospace, marine, OEM, and other markets.


Paints and coatings provide protection from abrasion, chemical attack, UV light, and a variety of other environmental factors. A variety of polymers are utilized in paints and coatings that offer different properties and are used to protect different surfaces. Epoxies are used to protect concrete floors, acrylic elastomeric roofs and wall coatings of buildings from the elements. Other polymers commonly used in protective coatings include fluoropolymers, polyureas, and urethanes. High performance coatings are highly effective in protecting equipment and building components.


The terms paint and coating are generally synonymous. However, the term paint is commonly used to describe a material that provides a cosmetic film that gives limited protection. The term coating is more closely associated with high-performance materials that provide protective, decorative, or functional films. A coating system usually consists of a combination of coatings applied in a predetermined order at suitable intervals to allow for drying. The component coatings are carefully chosen to achieve the required physical performance and appearance characteristics that are required of the final coating system.

A typical coating system might consist of a primer, intermediate coating, and finish coating. Each component coating layer provides specific benefits to the overall coating system. A primer may provide adhesion, corrosion inhibitive properties, or stain blocking. The intermediate coat may provide barrier properties, film build, or other beneficial properties. The finish coat provides weather resistance, chemical resistance, color, and other properties necessary for the coating system to provide the appearance and protection that are desired.


Paints and coatings contain four main ingredients: binders, pigments, additives, and solvents. All ingredients need to be carefully selected to produce a superior quality high performance coating.

  • Quality paints and coatings use better binders. A binder is the one ingredient that is absolutely required. The binder is the part of the paint or coating which eventually solidifies to form the dried paint film. The type and amount of binder affects everything from stain and crack resistance to adhesion. One hundred percent acrylic binders are exceptionally weather resistant; however, they are generally also more expensive.
  • Quality paints and coatings use more prime than extender pigments. Prime pigments such as titanium dioxide are as much as 10 times more expensive then extender pigments, but are essential for good hiding and weatherability. Titanium dioxide also provides the reflective white finish for our cool roof coatings. Substituting cheaper extender pigments for prime pigments in a paint or coating formulation will reduce the cost of the paint, but it will also negatively impact its performance.
  • Quality paints use more performance enhancing additives. Additives are included in paint to provide desirable properties. They might make the paint easier to apply, reduce bubbles, or give it protective qualities. Mildewcides are an example of an additive. Some manufacturers offer lower cost paints and coatings that eliminate this additive with the result being an inexpensive but significantly inferior coating.
  • The solvents in paints and coatings are used to control the consistency of the paint or coating and also to regulate application properties. Water is the primary solvent in waterborne coatings, however coalescent solvents are also usually used to assist in proper film formation.  The proper blend of solvents is essential in a quality coating.


The old saying that “you get what you pay for” is especially true with paint and coatings. Low initial paint cost usually results in higher life-cycle costs. It is important to remember that the labor costs for application of most paints or coatings is usually significantly more expensive then the coating or paint being applied. Top quality paints and coatings have longer service life and less need to be recoated or repainted, which makes the cost per year less when prorated over the life of the paint job.

High performance coatings are used to provide durable protection from the weather, chemicals, abrasion or other forces that would attack the substrate to which they are applied.  Whether it is an elastomeric roofing system, an architectural coating system, a concrete coating, an historic roofing restoration project, or another protective coating application, Acrymax manufactures a wide variety of products that provide solutions. Our elastomeric roof and wall coatings provide unmatched moisture and thermal protection. For roof waterproofing projects, repairing roof leaks, or routine roof maintenance projects, Acrymax elastomeric roof coatings and roofing systems are the perfect solution for nearly any application. Remember, high quality paints and coatings are definitely a great investment.


When it comes to painting, about 90% of a successful and long-lasting paint or coating project is in the preparation. This, however, doesn’t mean that the other 10% can be ignored. Preparation gets the surface ready for coating, and if not done properly, the applied paint or coating will soon fail from cracking, peeling, and chipping. Once proper preparation is done, then use of a superior quality paint or coating becomes vital to a good, long-lasting paint job. Knowing more about what makes a quality paint or coating will greatly improve the chance that your paint or coating project will be a successful one.


No product exemplifies Acrymax’s commitment to high performance coatings more than our reflective cool roofing systems. Not only do these cool roofing systems use environmentally friendly waterborne technology, but they increase the energy efficiency of roofs by reflecting, instead of absorbing, the sun’s energy. These coatings not only reduce energy use, but they also help to mitigate the urban heat island phenomenon. And Acrymax liquid acrylic cool roofing systems can be used on a wide variety of roof surfaces, including metal roof coating, asphalt roofing, single-ply roofs, concrete roofs, and historic roofing restoration projects.


Most of our customers come to us for coating solutions that remain firmly grounded. But if you’re looking for even more examples of Acrymax’s commitment to quality high performance coatings, look no further than our specialty protective coatings, which have been used on the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters, the Trident nuclear submarine, and American military weapon systems, including the HARM missile.

At Acrymax, our quality coating solutions always perform, whether they are applied to a roof or a rocket. Contact Acrymax for all of your coating needs, and you’ll be dealing with the number one source for quality coating solutions.