High performance coatings, liquid acrylic roofing systems, and fluid-applied elastomeric roof coating solutions from Acrymax Technologies are manufactured with the latest technology and materials to create state-of-the-art coatings that set the standard for moisture and thermal protection. Waterborne wall coating systems, fluid applied roof membranes, roof coatings, and architectural coatings from Acrymax contain advanced polymers, are friendly to the environment, energy efficient, and create a weatherproof barrier on nearly any surface.\

But for the average homeowner, all of this pales in comparison to a much simpler concept: saving money. And with Acrymax residential roofing systems and protective coatings, that concept has never been easier.


Much like thick paint, a reflective roof coating is designed to be easily applied by brush, roller or spray. However, a simple coat of paint is not enough to protect your roof from the elements – but fluid-applied, elastomeric roof coatings from Acrymax are very different. These waterborne coatings not only reduce the need for routine roof maintenance, like repairing roof leaks or repeated roof waterproofing, but their “cool” roofing properties create a surface that reflects most sunlight, instead of absorbing heat from sunrise to sunset. This simple acrylic roof coating solution – whether used as a metal roof coating, concrete roof coating, or as an asphalt roof coating – can drastically lower the temperature of the home, meaning less energy is needed to cool the structure and thus reducing energy bills. Additionally black roofs contribute to the urban heat island effect that has the potential to directly and negatively influence the health and welfare of urban residents. Individual homeowners in urban areas can do their part to help mitigate this problem by painting their roofs white and making their roofs cool. Also, many states and local utilities are now offering incentives to contractors and homeowners who use cool roof coatings, so you might qualify for another benefit by choosing Acrymax roof coatings today.


Energy efficient, protective roof coatings are only part of the reason Acrymax has become an industry leader in protective coatings and residential fluid applied membrane roofing. For over 5 decades Acrymax has manufactured and supplied superior quality coating systems for protecting the built environment, from residential structures to commercial and industrial buildings. Acrymax acrylic roof coatings, masonry and concrete coating systems, residential wall coatings and architectural coatings create a durable, waterproof, and weatherproof barrier on nearly any surface, protecting your home from the harsh elements and reducing the need for roof maintenance, repairing roof leaks or caulking cracks in masonry walls.


Historic homeowners are faced with many challenges. Many historic homes have metal or “tin” roofs that are part of the historic fabric of these buildings. If located within historic districts these building must meet standards for historic preservation that often limit the options for the homeowner and replacing metal roofs can be prohibitively expensive. Acrymax has developed systems for restoring metal roofs that can save homeowners thousands of dollars, meet historic restoration standards, and provide long term and lasting waterproof protection. Visit www.preservationproducts.com to learn more About Acrymax Technologies systems for historic structures.


Many homes have long enjoyed the benefits of cement plaster or stucco, a time tested exterior finish. More recently EIFS systems (exterior insulation and finish systems) or synthetic stucco systems have become common. In both cases water intrusion can cause problems. Acrymax elastomeric masonry coatings are designed to waterproof and decorate walls and above grade vertical masonry surfaces. More than just paint, these breathable coatings protect against wind-driven rain, resist dirt pick-up, and enhance the look of stucco. Because of their elastomeric properties they also have the ability to expand and contract with the substrate and seal hairline cracks.


Looking for a high quality elastomeric coating for your residential built-up asphalt roof, single-ply roof, or metal roof? Would your painting or home improvement project benefit from a new elastomeric wall coating?

At Acrymax, our service isn’t limited to providing containers of elastomeric acrylic coatings. Our experienced team at Acrymax is ready to answer your questions, help evaluate your situation, and provide application support. Homeowners can apply our reflective roof coatings, cool roofs, and high-performance roof systems without specialized training. However, roofing work can be hazardous and we can provide a list of experienced applicators and contractors whose work has been reviewed by the  technical support personnel at Acrymax. So whether you’re doing it yourself, seeking professional application, or just looking for answers to a few questions, contact Acrymax today for all of your roofing and coating needs.