Historic Preservation

If you are searching for architectural coatings or roofing materials for historic preservation and restoration, look no further. No company offers the quality of high-performance protective coatings like Acrymax Technologies. Formulated for maximum results, Acrymax’s liquid acrylic elastomeric roofing systems, architectural coatings, and protective systems are specially formulated to offer protection from extreme environmental conditions. Acrymax elastomeric roof coatings and waterproof protective coatings for metal, masonry, concrete, wood, and other substrates shield historic and vintage structures from harsh elements such as acid rain, and protect against UV degradation and the ravages of time.

Marketed to the preservation and historic market by our sister company, Preservation Products, Inc., our coating systems have been used on countless historic and vintage buildings throughout the United States. Notable projects include the Lee Mansion in Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Sumter, The Memorial Arch in Valley Forge Park, Fort Mackinac, Thomas Point Lighthouse, and the list goes on and on.

Whether your project involves historic building preservation or historic roof restoration, when a flexible, durable, and weather resistant solution is needed, Acrymax has the answer. Our advanced acrylic roof coatings and elastomeric materials form flexible elastomeric membranes that expand and contract with the underlying substrate, providing long-lasting protection. Standard paints crack and peel, leading to premature failure and endless repainting and roof maintenance, but the moisture and thermal protection offered by Acrymax elastomeric fluid applied roofing and coating systems provide durable and proven solutions.


Acrymax elastomeric coating systems are proven solutions for historic metal roof restoration. Systems can also be engineered to meet the needs of specific and unique applications. Once in place, no longer will building owners suffer the headache of constantly repairing roof leaks and other weather related problems. Read on to learn more about the roof restoration and preservation systems of Acrymax


The Acrymax HP-1 Reinforced Membrane System is a fluid applied fully reinforced roof membrane system for weatherproofing existing terne metal or tin roofs and other acceptable smooth-surfaced substrates. Combining multiple coats of Acrymax Elastomeric Coatings with high strength polyester reinforcement the HP-1 system cures to a durable, weatherproof, fully reinforced, and fully adhered elastomeric membrane with superior durability and weatherability.


The Acrymax HP-2 Partially Reinforced Systems are hybrid systems combining protective coatings and reinforced membranes. Reinforcement is used on seams, flashings, and other critical areas and to repair problem areas. After application of reinforcement the roof is then coated with a protective coating system. The HP-2 Systems provides for a 40-45 mil reinforced membrane at reinforced areas and 15 mils (2 coats) to 25 mils (3 coats) of flexible high performance weatherproof protection to the balance of the covered area.


The Acrymax HP-3 Preservation System is a protective elastomeric coating system for use on terne metal or tin roofs and other acceptable smooth-surfaced substrates. Applied in a minimum of 2 coats the HP-3 System is designed to provide protection against the damaging effects of the weather. This system provides a barrier against ultraviolet light and the damaging effects of the elements and will extend the life of the roof or other structure to which it is applied.

Extend the life of your historic or vintage structure with the roof restoration and preservation systems and architectural coatings from Acrymax. Whether you are looking to restore a historic standing seam roof, protect a masonry structure, or recover a flat roof the unwavering quality of elastomeric coatings from Acrymax are perfect for almost every application. With a seemingly endless list of benefits, it is no wonder the National Park Service, state historic agencies, museums, historic organizations, and homeowners have all turned to Acrymax for their historical roofing restoration needs.