Custom Formulating

At Acrymax, we are committed to delivering coatings that not only meet your technical requirements but also exceed your expectations in terms of performance and durability. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in engineering the right coating for your specific application.

When our company was founded in 1951 as Chemical Coatings & Engineering, our mission was clear – to provide the best coatings for our customers. Guided by our commitment to engineering high performance coatings, we have continuously evolved. In the late 1970s, our focus shifted towards environmentally responsible waterborne acrylic coatings, leading us to rebrand as Acrymax Technologies Inc in 1994. The inclusion of “technologies” in our name reflects our dedication to using scientific knowledge to solve practical coating problems. Today, we continue to be at the forefront of developing high-performance coatings, driven by our passion for solving our clients’ coating challenges.

Throughout the years, we have formulated and manufactured coatings for a diverse range of applications and clients. Our specialization lies in elastomeric coatings, and our expertise in working with these materials is unparalleled. As our name suggests Acrylic based coatings are a primary focus in our current operation, however we also offer products based on fluoropolymers, urethanes, and other polymers.

Whether you’re looking for advice on the best coating solutions for your specific needs, or you need help troubleshooting an issue, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Engineered Coatings for the US Space Program

Our approach to custom formulating was put to the test when the manufacturer of the solid fuel booster rockets for the space shuttle program needed a replacement for their high VOC solvent-based coating. Obviously products used on the solid fuel rockets needed to meet stringent quality and performance standards. We submitted a product based on an acrylic elastomer and offered to customize it to meet their specific needs. After testing, it was clear that our coating was superior, but the application characteristics needed some tweaking. We listened to their feedback and custom engineered a low viscosity formulation that met their requirements.

This success story is a testament to our commitment to engineering our products to meet the needs of our clients.

On July 8, 2011, the last space shuttle lifted off from Kennedy’s launch complex, marking the end of an era in American space exploration. However, 12 years later, Acrymax Technologies continues to support the US space program by supplying coatings for various space missions, including the Artemis program aimed at returning humans to the moon.