At Acrymax Technologies – a leading manufacturer of high performance roofing systems, fluid applied roof membrane systems, and elastomeric roof coatings – we understand how demanding every job can be for a contractor. Whether it’s choosing the right materials, quoting the right price, or dealing with adverse weather conditions, contractors always have something to be concerned about.

That’s why we go out of our way to supply contractors with not only the finest waterborne roof coatings, fluid applied roofing systems, and architectural coatings in the industry, but we also provide a trusted support system, detailed product data, sales tools, and even on-site assistance in the application of any Acrymax coating system. With Acrymax, contractors know they are getting a high performance coating or roofing system – and more than five decades of experience to back it up.

A critical part of any successful roofing, painting or construction project is teamwork. Acrymax works closely with contractors to assure proper application of our products.  For the very best contractors Acrymax offers participation in the Acrymax Partner Program. The mission of the Acrymax Partner Program is to build a team of conscientious and dedicated professionals that will work with us to provide the total quality solution for our mutual clients.


Contractors that are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients know the value of quality. Acrymax has specialized in elastomeric materials and high performance coating systems since 1951. Our principal commitment from day one has been to formulate and manufacture the very highest quality coatings possible. From roof coatings and fluid applied roofing systems to waterproof masonry coatings and architectural coatings, Acrymax guarantees the quality of every product it manufactures. For over 5 decades Acrymax has supplied coatings and sealants for applications where performance is mission critical – including protective coatings for use on the space shuttle, fluoropolymer sealants used on nuclear submarines, and high performance coatings and elastomeric materials used in countless other unique and challenging applications. And if that is not enough to prove the unmatched quality of Acrymax coatings and systems, just ask any contractor who has used an Acrymax product. You’re sure to hear rave reviews – not only about the quality of our roof coatings, fluid applied reinforced roof membrane systems, architectural coatings, historic roof restoration and maintenance products, and specialty elastomeric coatings – but also about Acrymax’s unparalleled commitment to service and support for contractors.


Along with the advanced polymers used in our high-tech acrylic coatings, roof coatings, and elastomeric materials, Acrymax Technologies has added one critical ingredient to every product it has manufactured since the company was founded in 1951 – expertise. In the years that have followed, Acrymax has developed a team of trusted experts who are available to answer any questions that roofing, painting, or general contractors may have, whether it’s before, during, or after the use of an Acrymax coating product. Acrymax backs up every product with honest answers, unparalleled service, and trained experts who can visit your project site to evaluate the coating system options available, and even inspect the project during and after application. Whether you need application guidance, information about additional Acrymax products, complete product data sheets, or even on-site assistance from Acrymax experts, we promise to meet and exceed the demands of every contractor.


Acrymax provides coating products and solutions for nearly any application, including repairing roof leaks, full-scale roof waterproofing, routine roof maintenance, sealing masonry walls, sealing concrete floors, waterproofing decks, and many unique applications. Acrymax can supply products to meet almost any weatherproofing or waterproofing challenge.  This provides contractors with a one-stop shop for most all of their coating and elastomeric membrane needs, complete with a team of experts ready and willing to help contractors choose the right coating solution for the job. So whether you need elastomeric roof coatings, fluid applied roof membranes,  elastomeric wall coatings, acrylic concrete or masonry sealers, rubber or epoxy deck coatings, rust preventive coatings, or reflective cool roof coatings, Acrymax is there to provide the construction products that make any contractor’s job just a little bit easier.


Whether it’s “cool” roof coatings or membership in the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Acrymax has always been committed to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and eco-friendliness in the manufacturing and application of its products. This allows contractors to provide their customers with the finest coating solutions for each situation, and for the planet at large.

At Acrymax, we have never simply thought of roof contractors, general contractors, or painting contractors as potential customers. We are committed to establishing a strong working relationship that benefits all parties involved, and creates the best coating solution for any situation. So if you’re a contractor in need of coating solutions and personalized support from a team of experts.