Color Matching

Coating Colors

Acrymax offers a range of standard colors for our Acrylic and Fluoropolymer Coatings as shown below. The colors shown on your screen are representative of the standard colors we offer, however the color of the image on a computer screen can vary depending on the monitor or device it is being viewed on.

Standard Color Charts Available

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Custom Color Matching for Architectural Coatings

At Acrymax, we understand the importance of color in creating a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing appearance for your building or structure. That’s why we offer color matching services to help you get the perfect shade, even if it’s not on one of our standard color charts. It is important to note that color matching for elastomeric and high performance coatings is not as simple as tinting a latex paint at a paint store. Our experts carefully select and use appropriate pigments to ensure that the colors are long lasting and durable.

Let your building be the canvas for a beautiful appearance that can influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and makes a statement about your company . Whether you need a vibrant color that inspires or an historic color that is period appropriate you can trust Acrymax to help you achieve your vision.

Branding your Building with Custom Coating Colors

Well known organizations have chosen Acrymax coatings that were custom color matched to their distinctive branded colors.

Picking paint colors for your business’s exterior is a significant design decision. It is crucial to choose colors that reflect your brand’s colors to create a visually memorable experience for your customers and clients. By branding the exterior of your business’s space, you can ensure that when someone walks into your building, they feel immersed in your brand and its promise. This creates a lasting impression and helps strengthen brand recognition. So, make sure to carefully select colors that match your brand’s identity to create a cohesive and impactful visual representation of your business.

OEM Color Matching

Acrymax also offers custom color matching for product manufacturers for any coated products that they may produce.