Preservation Perspectives

Preservation Month was established in 1973 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation In the month of May, we come together to shine a spotlight on the vital importance of preserving and celebrating America’s rich historic heritage. Acrymax is proud to be a part of these efforts and has been involved in protecting American heritage for decades.

Rain. Snow. Scorching Sun and frigid cold all take a toll on historic structures. Safeguarding historic structures from the elements is crucial, and Acrymax offers unparalleled protection with its coating systems. Trusted and specified by the National Park Service, historic architects, and building owners, Acrymax is renowned for its proven performance in preserving some of the most iconic buildings in the United States. Don’t compromise on the protection of your historic building – choose Acrymax for lasting protection.

Fort McHenry, Thomas Point Lighthouse, The Lee Mansion, Fort Sumter, and countless other historic structures are protected by Acrymax coating systems.

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

A tin or metal roof is a distinctive feature of many historic buildings. This can include standing seam or batten seam roofs as well as decorative tin shingles. Within the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interiors Standards, it is considered acceptable to “repair a roof by reinforcing the historic materials which comprise roof features using recognized preservation methods.” Since the National Park Service, a bureau within the Department of Interior, has specified Acrymax on many projects we would justifiably claim that it is a recognized preservation method. A key consideration is the fact that an Acrymax coating system does not change the historic appearance of the roof that is applied to.

New technologies for old problems

The New York State Historic Trust published a book entitled “19th Century Tin Roofing and its use at Hyde Hall. It includes the following historical reference to a method to stop a leaky metal roof:

Take “25 lbs. yellow ochre, 1 lb. litharge, 6 lbs. black lead, 1 lb. fine salt; boil well in oil. Soak strips of cloth in the above and paste over the seams. Good where solder is not practicable.”

Needless to say, this would not be an acceptable method to use today. Fortunately, with modern polymeric coating materials such as Acrymax the same general technique is quite applicable. Acrymax coatings combined with high-strength polyester reinforcement fabric provide an exceptionally superior system for protecting and weatherproofing vintage metal roofs. We are proud that the National Historic Landmark – Hyde Hall like so many historic structures is now protected with Acrymax!

Historic Preservation and Sustainability.

It is said that “the most sustainable building is one that is already built.” Embracing historic preservation is not just a nod to the past, but a vital step towards a sustainable future. By conserving and repurposing our architectural heritage, we not only reduce waste and carbon footprint but also revitalize communities and combat climate change. It’s time to recognize the pivotal role of historic preservation in promoting sustainable development for a greener tomorrow.

Preservation Products

In 1994 we at Acrymax recognized the role that our coatings could play in historic preservation. Our founders’ Victorian home in Historic Cape May had provided a proving ground for the coatings and systems that would go on to protect historic structures around the country. The preservation market is a unique niche that we felt would be best served by a company dedicated to this market. Hence our sister company Preservation Products Inc. came to be. Check out our website here