Case Study: TOH East Boston Project

The stucco on the home in East Boston selected to be featured on the TV show “This Old House” in 2006 was in serious disrepair. The ivy that covered the walls added a certain amount of character to the home, but it was also contributing to the deterioration of the exterior walls.

Acrymax had previously worked with This Old House on a project in Savannah, GA and we were asked to participate in this project as well. After repairing cracks and patching damaged areas an elastomeric acrylic coating system was applied. The coating was textured with perlite to improve the appearance of the walls and help blend and hide the repaired areas. The color selected was a custom color and we are happy to say that it met the approval of the owners.

Acrymax was also used on another part of this project. A fluid applied reinforced membrane system (ARS-1) was used to waterproof a second floor deck.

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