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USDA Kingsville

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Kingsville, TX

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Acrymax Systems

AWS-PVDF (Walls) & ARS-3-M15 w/ AF-4400

Renewed Durability for the USDA Service Center 

The E. “Kika” de la Garza Plant Material Center (PMC) in Kingsville, TX, is important to the USDA’s goal of preserving natural resources in the area. Since 1981, this PMC has been responsible for selecting conservation plants and developing vegetative technology to address the challenges farmers face in Texas. However, the building had begun showing signs of deterioration, leaving Acrymax to step in and create a custom solution for the walls and the roofs. Final finishes were designed using Kynar Aquatec resins for ultimate performance.


The Challenge

Living in Texas means living in harsh conditions. This area runs the gamut from tornadoes to hurricanes and from ice storms to extreme heat. After 25 years in this environment, the building’s original baked-on enamel finishes had faded to an uneven coloring and showed signs of corrosion, chipping, and even holes. John Reilley, the Kingston PMC Manager, knew that the building envelopes needed significant repairs, sooner rather than later. 

However, completing such a dramatic undertaking was no small feat. The facilities had budgetary constraints, which meant they needed to find a solution that would allow them to get the most out of the solution. That’s where Acrymax stepped in.

“Our investigation of various options made it clear that high-performance top coat finishes based on Kynar fluoropolymer resins would provide the ideal restoration solution for meeting long-term durability goals. We then reached out to the technical experts at Acrymax Technologies to obtain their input on field-applied waterborne coatings formulated with advanced Kynar Aquatec emulsion technology,” said Reilley. 


The Solution

Acrymax’s specialists recommended their AF-4400 high-performance top coat for the metal roofs and the AF-5500 for the walls. Both of these are formulated with Kynar Aquatec resins to provide long-term durability, weather protection, and color-retention properties. 

“These waterborne products provide the ultimate performance in coating technology as they are formulated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resins,” said Acrymax’s VP, Eric Bennung. 

Once the final decision was made, Acrymax partnered with AMG Construction Company to prepare the surfaces and apply the coating systems. This required sanding, repairing minor damages, and pressure washing to ensure optimal adhesion of the coatings to the surface. The coatings themselves were done in two parts: 

First: The roof received a 3-part application, which began with AF-130BC, a gray elastomeric acrylic base coat for flexibility and adhesion, followed by AF-130, a white elastomeric finish coat for an extra layer of protection, and finally, topped it all off with a final white top coat of Acrymax’s AF-4400 fluoropolymer coating.  

Second: The walls of the building underwent a different application process. This began with the application of PC-125 rust inhibitive primer to reduce corrosion, followed by AF-5500 in a custom-color “Williamsburg Blue.” This was not only a beautiful color but would also restore the exterior of the building to its original splendor. Lastly, the trim and doors were all coated with AF-5500 in white for the final bit of protection and color. 


The Results

As is expected from Acrymax’s work, these results spoke for themselves. The building was given a new lease on life, with a durable, long-lasting finish that will protect the building for decades to come. For the past few years, this coating system has held up against the weather extremes common in Texas and shows relatively no signs of aging. 

According to Dennis Villegas, project manager for AMG Construction, the Acrymax coatings were very user-friendly and easy to work with. “They were consistent and mixed well, flowed nicely, and were splatter-free,” Villegas said. “I was very pleased with the high-quality application properties of the products and would have no hesitation using them again, especially in projects that require a high-end protective coating system in this type of harsh coastal environment.” 



The Acrymax coatings, formulated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resins, are expected to provide the E. “Kika” de la Garza PMC with a vibrant, durable finish for decades to come. This project is a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of Acrymax’s coating solutions when it comes to restoring and protecting buildings in challenging environments.

Kingston’s PC Manager was also pleased with the results. “It was a real blessing for us that a field-applied waterborne Kynar coating was available, and I’m glad we went this route in restoring the buildings’ aesthetics and structural integrity for many years to come,” said Reilley. “Based on the return on investment, it was the right choice for the government and us, and I would definitely consider using these coatings in restoring our other buildings in the future.”

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