Historic and Vintage Homes

Every construction or maintenance project – whether it involves roof waterproofing products, waterproof masonry sealers, or specialty wall coatings – must be handled with the utmost care. But historic and vintage homes, that define the very character of many of our communities, require special attention and consideration. They deserve high performance coating systems, masonry sealers, roof systems, elastomeric coatings, corrosion control coatings, and protective coatings that offer durability and proven performance.  Acrymax offers products and systems for historic building preservation, vintage roofing restoration, and historic home repair that are durable, sustainable, and proven!


A weatherproof roof is fundamental in the preservation of a structure. Additionally, in many cases the roof of a historic structure also imparts much of the architectural character of the building.  When it comes time to choose building materials for a roofing restoration project or vintage home repair, the goal is to protect the aging surface while not taking away from the aesthetics that make historic buildings such integral parts of our surroundings. So when the building at hand calls for historic restoration or preservation, you need a company like Acrymax to balance the charm and character of the structure with modern technology that will make it last.

Historic standing seam metal roofs generally offer long lasting performance, but they do eventually leak. Metal roofs also need to be well painted to prevent corrosion. Acrymax has developed systems for restoring and protecting standing seam metal roofs that provide durable waterproof protection while retaining the historic character of these roofs. Acrymax offers roof coatings in a range of historical colors to meet the aesthetic needs of historic metal roofs.

Many historic homes also have flat roofs. For these roofs aesthetics is not the highest priority – roof performance is. Acrymax offers a range of options for flat roofs. In some cases the roof may only requires a protective roof maintenance coating to provide protection and extend the life of the existing roof, but when a complete roof system is required Acrymax’s Fully Reinforced Roof Systems offer exceptional long term performance. Reflective cool roof systems offer superior performance and energy savings for flat roofs.

Proper roof maintenance and timely roof repairs are essential if a roof is to provide leak free protection. Acrymax offers a range of maintenance coating options for asphalt roofs, metal roofs, concrete roofs, and other roof types. In some cases an immediate and temporary stabilization of a leaking roof is necessary to prevent further deterioration of an historic home. Acrymax coating systems can also be used for temporary roof repairs until funds can be allocated to do a proper job. A frequent cause of roof leaks is failure of the roof flashing systems. Acrymax has methods to repair, reinforce, and waterproof roof flashings. From roof repair to complete roof systems Acrymax has solutions for every type of roof.


As an industry leader in elastomeric roof coatings, reflective cool roof coatings, and other protective coating solutions that provide the best in moisture and thermal protection, Acrymax Technologies offers multiple products for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings. At Acrymax, we have years of experience with historic restoration and preservation projects, and understand the special care that needs to be shown to each project. With expert technical assistance and customized solutions, Acrymax can tailor high performance coating systems to meet almost any need and any application.

At Acrymax, we have played a critical role in thousands of projects, both routine and out of the ordinary. Our products can provide maximum protection for a wide variety of surfaces without sacrificing anything in aesthetic appeal. Acrymax products have been tested and utilized in all types of environments, helping to create a protective shield on even the most fragile and delicate historic or vintage building.

Since its inception in 1951, Acrymax Technologies has provided the most effective and varied solutions in the coating industry. From homeowners to contractors, and architects to building owners, Acrymax has worked with them all, providing high performance protective coatings, paints, sealants, and adhesives for any application. Whether it’s one of our elastomeric roof coatings, a fluid-applied waterproof masonry or concrete coating, an acrylic asphalt sealer or deck coating, or even the specialty polymer protective coating on the space shuttle’s solid rocket boosters, Acrymax has been there before. In the historic building market, our customers range from individual homeowners to preservation societies to the National Park Service. Together, we all share a common bond: the preservation of America’s landmark buildings. Contact us today to see what Acrymax can do for your historic restoration project, or any other coating application.