In 1970, Congress passed the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency, watershed events for the environmental movement. Also in 1970, the first Earth Day was held, a remarkable grass roots event that was instrumental in raising public awareness of environmental issues. In 1987, sustainability was defined by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, when they provided the first definition of the term “sustainable development,” as that which, “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” All of these events and others have had a profound impact on the paint and coatings industry, as well as on the building industry in general.


Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are defined by the EPA as any compound of carbon, excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium carbonate, which participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions. VOC’S in paints and coatings are typically industrial solvents and are major contributors to low-level atmospheric pollution. Additionally, the use of these compounds contributes to global warming and can be detrimental to the health of the individuals exposed to them.

Increasingly strict environmental regulations, as well as consumer demand for environmentally responsible and safer paints and coatings, have resulted in a strong trend towards sustainability. Waterborne paints and coatings offer low VOC content, but it is important to note that quality paints and coatings must be used to achieve the environmental benefits desired. When inferior materials are used the result is frequent repainting that will ultimately result in releasing more VOC’s into the environment. Coatings based on acrylic polymers offer exceptional weatherability and durability and the environmental benefits of waterborne technology. Acrymax made a commitment several decades ago to focus on acrylic technology to provide our customers with the lowest VOC coatings possible while meeting performance and application goals. As we move forward towards a more sustainable future new technologies will offer improvements in paints and coatings to enhance performance and lower VOC’s, and that will positively impact us all.


Anyone who has baked in the sun on a hot summer day knows that wearing light colored clothing helps keep you cool. The same principle is applied to roofing, whether it is a reflective metal roof coating, single-ply roof coating, concrete coating, cold process asphalt roof coating, or any kind of high-performance roof coating.

At Acrymax, we are a leader in energy efficient coatings, and especially cool roofing systems. These light-colored liquid acrylic roofing systems are more than just a white coat of paint. They are designed to reduce the amount of heat transferred into the building and can help dramatically cut energy costs. They will also extend the life of a roof and reduce roof maintenance costs.

As cool roofing and sustainable roof coating systems gain in popularity, manufacturers and suppliers are racing to keep up with the latest trends. But at Acrymax, we were at the forefront of cool roofing solutions, sustainable coating systems, and energy efficient coatings long before it became the latest trend. And with Acrymax, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a middle-man.


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) aims to make green buildings available to everyone, and is committed to expanding sustainable building practices. As a member of the USGBC, Acrymax helps further that vision by producing environmental protective coatings and energy efficient coatings for roofing systems, walls, and other applications, including our waterborne elastomeric coatings, which are safer for applicators and building tenants.


Energy and environmental issues will continue to have a significant impact on the roofing and coatings industry as we move into the future. Progress in production technology, polymer chemistry, coatings formulation, and application procedures will make coatings and fluid applied roofing systems safer, more eco-friendly and more energy efficient. Acrymax intends to lead the way by promoting coating systems and roofing systems that offer sustainable solutions for weatherproofing the building envelope and protecting the built environment.

Acrymax Technologies was dedicated to sustainable coating solutions long before other manufacturers and suppliers even knew what it meant. Whether it’s a roofing restoration project, an historic roofing application, waterproof masonry coatings, roof waterproofing, or any of our other protective coatings, Acrymax is the best source for sustainable coating solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you stay green.