Sustainability and Green Technology

Acrymax has always been committed to providing the highest quality products possible. For more than 55 years this commitment has been based on the core belief that a superior quality coating system will always provide the best value for our clients and yours. Now with the growing focus on sustainability there is another reason to choose high performance coatings. Life cycle analysis is making it clear that specifying superior quality building products also makes environmental sense.

Design professionals who understand the value of quality will specify solutions with proven performance. With the growing emphasis on going “green” architects are also playing a very important role in protecting the environment. Cool roofs, sustainable roof coating systems, and other environmentally responsible coating systems can be a key part of a green building strategy. Acrymax offers products and systems with decades of proven performance and assists architects by providing guideline specifications and expert technical support.

Flexible Solutions in High Performance Coating Systems is our motto. But we are also deeply committed to environmental sustainability and our planet’s future. Acrymax Technologies specializes in elastomeric coatings and high-performance coating solutions – including liquid acrylic roofing systems, elastomeric roof coatings, reflective cool roofing, architectural coatings, corrosion control coatings, general maintenance coatings and protective coatings. We have a long history of manufacturing sustainable coating systems for nearly any application. When you specify Acrymax for your clients you can have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen eco-friendly building materials that are environmentally sustainable. Furthermore we provide energy efficient roof coating systems that help reduce energy costs,

Building “green” requires a whole building approach and a vision that embraces sustainable principles. Put simply it requires commitment from everyone involved in all aspects of the built environment – architects, consultants,  building owners,  product manufacturers, and contractors. Acrymax is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the premier organization promoting green building practices and we are committed to the principles they promote. Building green is an opportunity for all of us to use our resources efficiently and to provide benefits for building owners, building occupants, and society as a whole. Acrymax waterborne coating systems, roof coating systems, maintenance coatings, architectural coatings and protective coatings offer environmental benefits that can be a part of a healthier and more resource-efficient building program.


The primary purpose of a roof coating system is to provide protection from the elements. Whether you’re repairing roof leaks, or waterproofing an entire roof you can count on Acrymax products to provide unmatched performance. But, there are other reasons to choose Acrymax.

Energy performance is a key component of sustainability. Acrymax Cool Roofs offer the potential for significant energy savings. A cool roof is a light-colored roofing system that reflects the sun’s heat and also easily emits any absorbed solar heat. Acrymax offers roof coatings and a variety of cool roof systems – is a government program that helps consumers, contractors, architects, and others involved in the building industry to find energy efficient products that help reduce energy costs. Acrymax is a Charter Partner in the roofing program. Acrymax roof coatings and roofing systems provide unsurpassed moisture and thermal protection while helping to reduce energy costs.

Waste reduction is also a component of sustainability. Studies have shown that up to 30 percent of rapidly diminishing landfill space is being taken up by roofing waste. Acrymax roof systems can be applied directly over many asphalt roofs and single-ply roof systems directly reducing landfill waste and avoiding the high costs of roof tear-off and disposal. The incorporation of the existing roof system into a new roof system may also qualify for LEED® Points. An Acrymax roof can also be periodically recoated to extend the life of the system – again avoiding removal and disposal.


Saving money on energy bills is all well and good, but saving the planet leaves an even longer-lasting impact. With eco-friendly, waterborne elastomeric coatings from Acrymax, it has never been easier for architects, consultants, and specifiers to find materials for green building. Our waterborne acrylic coatings – which can be used for weatherproofing and protecting metal roofs, concrete roofs, asphalt roofs, single-ply roofs, masonry walls, and for historic roofing restoration projects – are much safer for applicators and building occupants than solvent-based coatings, and much kinder to the environment.

Whether you’re looking for fluid-applied roofing systems that qualify for points according to the USGBC’s LEED Green Building Rating System, high performance polymer roofing systems, elastomeric wall coatings, or any other coating product, you know that Acrymax will provide a coating system that is not only unmatched in terms of performance and quality, but is eco-friendly as well. Contact Acrymax for more information.