Wall Coating Systems

Superior quality, extreme weatherability, and durability are just a few characteristics that come to mind when considering the high-performance coatings of Acrymax Technologies. The same can be said for the architectural acrylic elastomeric wall coatings that combine aesthetic benefits with superior waterproofing technology. Cover masonry, concrete, and synthetic stucco substrates with this coating system and achieve long-lasting moisture and thermal protection, UV resistance, and enhanced energy efficiency.

Over 5 decades of experience support Acrymax coating systems including our roofing systems, as well as our coatings for masonry surfaces. Exceptional quality is guaranteed and the vast benefits of our elastomeric architectural wall coatings are undeniable. Features include excellent waterproofing capabilities, tenacious adhesion, superior weatherability, UV resistance, and more.


  • Certain exterior finishes such as stucco are prone to settlement cracks. When moisture penetrates these compromised areas, costly damage can occur to the underlying structure. AF-135 wall coatings successfully bridge hairline cracks, stop moisture intrusion and preserve wall integrity.
  • Withstands wind driven rain and provides an extremely durable waterproof protective coating system.
  • Like the reflective and ENERGY STAR® qualified cool roofing systems Acrymax is known for, Acrymax exterior wall coatings are available in reflective white and light colors. When applied, surface temperatures are lowered, reducing cooling costs.
  • Decorative coatings for concrete and masonry may beautify the appearance of an exterior wall, but are they dirt and mildew resistant? AF-135 is, featuring mildew resistant components and resistance to dirt pick-up.

  • Environmentally friendly waterborne coating formulations.

  • All Acrymax paints and coatings meet VOC requirements.


The search for durable protective coatings, such as waterproof masonry and concrete coatings, elastomeric stucco coatings, and elastomeric wall paint ends with Acrymax Technologies. Acrymax elastomeric wall coatings are available in standard and custom colors and in smooth or textured finishes. With Acrymax coatings, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your structure goes hand-in-hand with superior protection and performance.

Turn to Acrymax for not only durable wall coating solutions but acrylic and fluid applied roofing systems, protective coatings, maintenance paints and coatings, primers, rustinhibitive primers, and more. Acrymax elastomeric roof coatings and roof restoration systems will put an end to costly and bothersome roof maintenance and the need for repeatedly repairing roof leaks. When it comes to single-ply roof restoration, commercial roofing, historic roofing restoration, cold process roofing, polymer roofing, and metal roof coating, no resource is better than Acrymax, the leader in flexible solutions in highperformance coatings and fluid applied roofing systems. Contact us today.