Case Study: Coolest Block

Philadelphia has taken a leadership role in promoting cool roof coatings to mitigate the urban heat island effect as evidenced by legislation recently signed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. With the goal of helping Philadelphia become “the Greenest City in America” the new law requires installation of energy-efficient reflective roofs or green roofs on low slope roofs in the city. To help promote the “greening” of Philadelphia, the City of Philadelphia, The Energy Coordinating Agency, Dow Chemical, and Greenworks Philadelphia came together to form Retrofit Philly and to sponsor the “Coolest Block in Philadelphia” contest.   In the summer of 2010, following a competition among approximately 100 communities, the 1200 block of Wolf Street was selected to become the “Coolest”. As the winner of the contest, Wolf Street received a host of home energy improvements. Reflective roof coatings to provide cool roofs to the entire block were a key part of those energy improvements. Sponsors of this very “Cool” program include the City of Philadelphiathe DOW Chemical CompanyGreenworks Philadelphia, and the Energy Coordinating Agency.  Acrymax was selected to supply the cool roof coatings. Additional information about the Acrymax coatings used on this project can be found at