Case Study: Fort Sumter

Located at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie are subject to a harsh environment – hot and humid conditions in summer, and occasional periods below freezing in the winter, not to mention the salt-rich air. In order to provide long term preservation of these sites, Acrymax coating systems were the choice.

Two separate projects were completed at Fort Sumter with Acrymax coatings. The first was over gun encasements on the outside battery of the fort. This area of the fort was in severe disrepair that included significant cracks and spalling.

The unique challenges of Fort Sumter demanded a customized system to retain as much of the original look of the concrete gun encasements as possible. Cracks and transition areas received reinforcement, while the balance of the structure received a multiple coat system that was enhanced with sand broadcast into the final coat to give authentic texture to the surface.

After observing the performance of Acrymax coatings, Fort Sumter went on to use an Acrymax reinforced membrane system on additional walking surfaces throughout the fort. These areas receive significant foot traffic from the public as they tour the fort.  As such, a fully reinforced system which incorporates our HP-5000 as a high strength elastomeric finish coating was selected for this phase of the project.

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