Case Study: Helfferich Gym

This roofing project was begun in the mid 1980’s. The smooth surfaced asphalt roof had begun to experience leaks and showed significant signs of deterioration, but the money for a complete roofing project was not available. Acrymax suggested a roof restoration project that could be phased in over a few years. The first year the front third of the roof was completed while at the same time repairs were made to the balance of the roof to stop the leaks that were occurring. Over the next 2 roofing seasons the balance of the project was completed.  Since completion the roof has received periodic maintenance coatings and now after over 25 years of service this roof is still in excellent condition. It is expected that with regular maintenance and periodic recoats that the life of this roof can be extended indefinitely.

Acrymax schedules periodic tours of this roof to display the impressive performance of the reinforced elastomeric membrane system used. If interested in our next tour please contact Acrymax.