Project Details

Project Name

Academy of Music (Cupola Restoration)

Project Location

Philadelphia, PA

Completion Date


Involved Parties

Acrymax Systems

Walls – AWS-PVDF
Roof – ARS-2-M25XT

The Academy of Music opened its doors in Philadelphia in 1857. Today, it still stands as a testament to the region’s cultural history. Over the years, the building’s original splendor began to wane. Acrymax, recognizing the historical and cultural importance of the landmark, was pleased to be able to help restore key components of the building. Our specialty in historical preservation has granted us unrivaled expertise in historic restoration. 


The Academy of Music presented several challenges. For this project, Acrymax focused on components such as the terne-metal-clad cupola, the cupola’s finial, and the cladding. These elements, which are essential to the building’s historical facade, have not received the necessary maintenance throughout the last century and a half. Jeff Levine, the building consultant from WJE Associates, recognized the need for a solution that would not only preserve the historic integrity but also provide lasting protection against the elements. As it happened, our reputation had preceded us. 

“We knew Acrymax offered a suite of products that would work together to address the identified deficiencies in the existing cladding, retain the original materials, and provide a long-lasting, color-stable coating,” said Levine. 


Acrymax stepped in to revitalize the concert hall and opera house. A key component in this restoration process was our AF-4400 Fluoropolymer Coating, a field-applied coating based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin. This innovative hybrid coating is just one example of our extensive range of protective solutions. For even greater versatility, Acrymax also offers various high-performance wall coatings that seamlessly blend with historic architecture and provide lasting protection against the elements. 

These groundbreaking fluoropolymer coatings combine the flexibility of elastomeric acrylic with the durability of a fluoropolymer. Fluoropolymers are highly resistant to solvents, acids, and bases, making them an excellent option for protective coatings in city environments. The waterborne nature of AF-4400 made it suitable for field application, allowing for efficient and convenient use on various surfaces. This coating will protect the building from the effects of pollution and storms, making it an ideal solution for the Academy of Music’s unique restoration needs. 



Acrymax’s AF-4400 coating brought about stunning results. The terne-metal-clad cupola regained its original luster, and the cupola’s finial and cladding received a new lease on life and lasting protection from the elements. The restoration addressed the immediate concerns while simultaneously establishing a foundation for long-term preservation, ensuring that the historic building would continue to stand proudly for years to come.


Acrymax’s work at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia is a testament to our expertise and passion for preserving historical landmarks. By providing customized, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of each project, we play a crucial role in safeguarding these buildings for future generations. 

After project completion, Levine had one final thought; “Throughout the entire specification process and application, Acrymax’s technical representative provided outstanding guidance and support. We could not be happier with their high-performance solutions that offer outstanding weatherability and durability when preserving this remarkable building.”

As we continue to innovate and educate, our dedication to excellence remains at the forefront of the architectural coatings industry. With this project at the Academy, we tackled their historic cupola. However, there is a much larger standing seam metal roof that serves as the primary roof. Repairs to the smaller cupola were made with Acrymax as part of this project’s scope, but we look forward to assisting the Academy in meeting additional needs with this roof when the time comes.

Whether for roofing, flooring, or wall coatings, Acrymax has the experience and expertise to restore historical buildings like the Academy of Music to their original glory.

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