Project Details

Project Name

Phillies Citizen Bank Park

Project Location

Philadelphia, PA

Completion Date

2018 (Phase I), 2019 (Phase II)

Involved Parties


Robert Ganter Contractors

Sioutis Coatings Enterprise

Acrymax Systems


Taking the Game-Day Experience at Citizens Bank Park to New Heights with Acrymax Coatings


Introduction and Background 

Citizens Bank Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies, has long been celebrated as one of the best ballparks in the country. Opened in 2004, this stadium has seen the wear and tear customary of any outdoor arena in the Northeast, coupled with the regular visits of millions of people throughout the course of the season. In 2018, the Phillies team announced a transformation project to improve the stadium’s entry plazas, creating a more cohesive overall game-day experience for fans. However, this project was not a light undertaking. It would take multiple years to complete to keep the stadium usable throughout the renovation. One area of focus was the left-field plaza, which underwent significant renovations. Eventually, this area of the stadium developed its own infamy, becoming a sort of shrine for fans and an area to honor the team’s history. 


The Challenge 

Renovating the plaza posed several challenges for the team, particularly due to the need for a quick turnaround construction time during the off-season and the harsh outdoor winter conditions that are typical of the area. The team wasn’t alone in understanding the challenges the project faced. 


Bob Ganter, VP of Robert Ganter Construction, said, “We were the last to go in the plaza reconstruction and couldn’t wait 12 to 16 weeks for 4,200 square feet of metal panels, trim, and louvers to be produced with factory-baked custom-color finishes. To meet the fast-track schedule, we needed a field-applied coating that would expedite our work process, provide a high-quality aesthetic, and meet demanding performance specifications.”


The Solution 

Acrymax Technologies, known for its long-lasting coatings and custom solutions, partnered with Robert Ganter Contractors and Sioutis Coating Enterprise to develop a solution for the metal wall and roof panels of the left-field plaza. The goal was to develop a highly durable custom-color coating that would withstand the demands of a stadium. 


Harry Sioutis, project manager at Sioutis Coating Enterprise, knew ahead of time that working with Acrymax would yield the best results. “We have been working with Acrymax for many years and their long-lasting coatings produce a beautiful high-end quality finish,” he said. “From an applicator’s point of view, their products are easy to work with and offer significant labor cost-saving benefits, as other coatings can take our crews double the amount of time to apply.”


The trio selected their topcoat, Acrymax AF-5500 Fluoropolymer Coating, based on Kynar Aquatec® PVDF emulsions. This option provided exceptional durability, weatherability, and color-retention properties – a perfect combination for this environment. Acrymax Technologies, Inc. | Arkema Kynaraquatec®



The Acrymax AF-5500 coating on the metal panels of the left-field plaza was a resounding success. Despite the freezing winter temperatures, the coating was applied indoors in controlled heating workspaces for proper curing and adhesion. The vibrant Phillies Red on the new concessions area remained intact, providing a beautiful, durable finish. Fans were delighted with the transformation of the beloved left-field plaza.



The collaboration between Acrymax and Robert Ganter Contractors resulted in the successful revitalization of the left-field plaza at Citizens Bank Park. The stunning Phillie’s red and long-lasting coatings provided by Acrymax not only met but exceeded the project’s requirements, a clear demonstration of Acrymax’s commitment to quality and innovation. As the Phillies continue their renovations, Acrymax remains a trusted partner.


Acrymax’s AWS-PVDF and ARS-3-PVDF systems, including its PC-125 primer and AF-5500 top coatings, have proven instrumental in the transformation of the Citizens Bank Park. With a focus on quality, durability, and innovation, Acrymax continues to set the standard for excellence when it comes to coating systems for stadiums and other architectural structures.

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