Project Details

Project Name

Whitpain Farms

Project Location

Blue Bell, PA

Completion Date

2000 (4 year Phased)

Involved Parties

Whitpain Farm

KM Fitzgerald, Inc

Acrymax Systems


Whitpain Farms lies in the beautiful Philadelphia suburbs of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. This charming, gated community is a peaceful place steeped in history. First established in the 1700s, this historic farm now boasts 171 homes designed to retain the area’s original charm and character with beautiful stucco walls, landscaped and maintained exteriors, and the elegant manor house. However, maintaining this beauty in the harsh realities of Pennsylvania weather is a significant challenge – one Acrymax was fit to take on.

The Challenge

Blue Bell experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from icy winters to hot and humid summers. These temperature and precipitation extremes take a toll on exterior surfaces, and Whitpain Farms was no exception. Over time, the stucco began to show signs of wear and tear, including cracks, fading, and potential water infiltration concerns. Preserving the beauty and structural integrity of the homes became a top priority for the homeowners association.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution, the homeowners association partnered with Acrymax to begin a comprehensive restoration project. Acrymax’s flexible coating, specifically the elastomeric coating system AF-135, was selected as the ideal solution. Unlike conventional paints, elastomerics are different, offering several unique advantages:

  • Superior Flexibility: These coatings possess the remarkable ability to bridge minor cracks and expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, preventing further cracking and ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Exceptional Durability: These coatings can withstand harsh weather conditions, including UV rays, extreme temperatures, and moisture, extending the lifespan of the farm’s stucco walls.
  • Unmatched Adhesion: They adhere exceptionally well to various surfaces, including stucco, creating a strong and lasting bond.

The coatings’ capabilities are only one part of the equation. Whitpain Farms also has specific color-matching needs as part of its maintenance. One of the key strengths of Acrymax’s approach is our custom color-matching capabilities. To handle this aspect, Acrymax developed a custom color named “Whitpain Beige” that perfectly matched the existing color scheme. This ensured a seamless and cohesive appearance for the entire community once the restoration project was complete.


The Whitpain Farms restoration project was completed over four years on a street-by-street basis. Now, decades later, this project still acts as an example of how the right systems can protect historic buildings, regardless of the weather extremes. The project successfully achieved its goals of:

  • Improved Curb Appeal: The custom color-matched “Whitpain Beige” coating helped breathe new life into the homes, restoring their original beauty.
  • Long-lasting Protection: The elastomeric coating system provides superior protection against the harsh Pennsylvania weather, extending the lifespan of the stucco and minimizing future maintenance needs.
  • Improved Sustainability: By minimizing the need for frequent repainting, the project is both sustainable and cost-effective for the community. 


The collaboration between Acrymax and the Whitpain Farms homeowners association is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved through innovative building solutions and Acrymax’s flexible coatings. By taking advantage of the unique properties of these flexible, elastomeric coatings, Whitpain Farms not only preserved the community’s charm but also ensured its continued beauty for years to come.