A roof provides moisture and thermal protection for your home and is the first line of defense against a hostile environment. Unfortunately the roof can be out of sight and often out of mind, and roof maintenance may not be the first thing a homeowner thinks about. A damp spot on the ceiling caused by a roof leak may be the first warning you have that your roof is in dire need of repair. If periodic roof inspections were conducted a lot of serious roof damage could be prevented. A leaky roof if ignored only becomes more costly to repair. While using a professional roofer is usually the best choice for roofing projects there are times when a simple roof leak repair, routine roof maintenance, or a complete roof system can be done by the homeowner. Of course proper safety precautions must be taken.

Acrymax offers coatings for roof maintenance and reinforced roof membrane systems for new and existing roofs. From small roof repairs to complete roofing projects Acrymax offers solutions for difficult roofing problems. And with do-it-yourself reflective cool roof systems you can save money on energy costs while saving money on installation costs as well. Periodic simple re-coats of the roof will extend the life of these fluid applied roof systems indefinitely and save you even more money over the long term.


Roof repairs are often made after the damage has been done; however, if you keep up on routine roof maintenance you can avoid unnecessary damage altogether. Acrymax roof coating systems will protect existing roofs from premature failure. From metal roofs to flat asphalt roofs, the roof of any home is exposed to the worse Mother Nature has to offer. And if you wait for a problem to pop up – or water to leak through – then you will not only spend more money than you would on a routine roof maintenance project, but also create unnecessary headaches for yourself, and possibly expose the interior of your home to serious water damage.


Masonry and stucco are widely used because of their strength and durability. Unfortunately the porosity of these materials and cracks that develop over time allow water to infiltrate the wall and can cause serious damage to the wall. Conventional paints provide limited protection. Fortunately, Acrymax offers high performance elastomeric wall coatings that are as easy to apply as a conventional paint. Like acrylic paints they also “breathe” and allow water vapor in the wall to dissipate through the coating. Elastomeric wall coatings are applied 5 to 10 times thicker than paint and provide a durable weatherproof and waterproof finish. They are the best way to help keep wind-driven rain, moisture, and the elements from destroying the wall and damaging the entire structure. Acrymax elastomeric wall coatings are available in a wide range of standard colors and can also be custom color matched.


It may be called “do-it-yourself” home repair, but with Acrymax, you’re never really on your own. Do-it-yourselfers who choose DIY roofing repair solutions, deck coatings, reinforced roofing membranes, masonry wall coatings, concrete sealers, or any other Acrymax product, have instant access to detailed installation guides, and can always call on the experienced technical support team at Acrymax if necessary. Since its inception in 1951, Acrymax has been known for its advanced and custom coating products. But it’s the service and support that backs up those products that makes Acrymax the perfect solution for do-it-yourselfers.


At Acrymax Technologies, we have spent more than five decades manufacturing elastomeric coatings and other types of protective coatings for a wide array of applications. Our do-it-yourself wall coatings, roofing membranes and roofing repair products are easy to apply and are well-suited for anyone tackling DIY home repairs. But roofing restoration, roof maintenance, and wall coating systems are only part of what we do. There are endless uses for versatile flexible coatings and new uses are being found all the time. Our coating systems offer unmatched moisture and thermal protection and Acrymax has the experience necessary to make sure your next project is a success!

At Acrymax, we serve architects, contractors, building owners, and even NASA with all sorts of high performance coating solutions. From waterproof masonry coatings and liquid acrylic concrete sealers to elastomeric deck coatings, rust inhibitive primers, elastomeric roof and wall coatings, and fluid-applied architectural coatings, Acrymax is your one-stop source for coatings of all kinds. Contact us today to see how we can turn even the most novice do-it-yourselfer into a full-fledged coating expert.