Energy Star

Acrymax and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Program

Nearly every American consumer has seen the ENERGY STAR® logo at one point or another, whether it was on a new refrigerator, clothes dryer, or window pane. But most may not know exactly what it means. It is a program created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that identifies and approves energy efficient products. Acrymax is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® Partner and to offer ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof coatings and roof systems that improve the energy efficiency of buildings where they are used.

ENERGY STAR® labeled products are more energy efficient than standard products, resulting in energy savings. Of course this also saves the consumer money. In general, ENERGY STAR® qualified products can reduce energy costs by at least 30 percent. ENERGY STAR® roof products are reflective roofing materials that can lower roof surface temperatures by up to 100° F. This decrease in roof temperatures results in a reduction in the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior.

Acrymax Technologies – an industry leader in high-performance coating solutions, including fluid-applied elastomeric roof coatings, liquid acrylic roofing systems, and flexible coating solutions – takes the ENERGY STAR® logo very seriously. Our cool roof coatings, reflective roofing products, fluid applied elastomeric coatings and other high-performance coatings are designed for optimal moisture and thermal protection. Reflective roof coatings help cut down on energy costs by as much as 25 percent in some situations, and also reduces the need for costly roof maintenance projects, including roof waterproofing and repairing roof leaks.

  • Reduction in the amount of air conditioning
    needed to cool buildings.
  • Save money by reducing energy bills by up to
    50 percent.
  • Building owners may be able to purchase
    smaller, less expensive HVAC systems.
  • Reduction in pollution caused by generation of electricity through the use of fossil fuels in power plants.
  • Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Increased Roof Life as the result of reduction in
    thermal shock and degradation



Most of the energy in the United States is generated by burning fossil fuels, which creates the air pollution associated with smog, acid rain, and global climate change. According to the EPA, almost one-sixth of all the electricity generated in a year is used for cooling buildings. By reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling purposes, ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof products help to reduce the creation of these air pollutants.

Additionally, reflective roofing helps to reduce the “heat island effect” which is where metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than the surrounding rural areas. Dark colored roofs are a major contributing factor in causing this effect. Installing reflective roofs helps to mitigate the heat island effect resulting in a decrease in smog and an improvement in air quality. Heat islands also increase the energy required for cooling within the areas where temperatures are elevated and any reduction in these temperatures can be expected to reduce energy consumption. It has been estimated that the heat island effect costs Los Angeles almost $100 million in energy each year.


ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof coatings from Acrymax offer a range of advantages for users. They save money and also have a positive impact on the environment—a win-win combination! Reflective white roof coatings are “green.”

ENERGY STAR® has developed a calculator that helps you estimate how much energy and money you can save by installing a labeled roof product on your home or building. It can be found at:

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