Industrial Products

Acrymax industrial coatings include materials used for a variety of OEM applications. If you have a particular need please contact us at 800-553-0523.

SP-V12 Fluoropolymer Sealant

High performance material based on Viton® fluoropolymers. Developed to be used to seal glass bands on electrical commutators. Solvent borne two-component compound. Elastomeric material suitable for sealing, electrical, and other applications. Excellent chemical resistance, weather and ozone resistance, very low gas permeability, and high temperature capability. GE SPEC A50CD498B.

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SP14AH Fibrated Fluoropolymer Coating

High temperature fibrated coating used to seal edges of high temperature specialty belts.

SP-130XT Acrylic Elastomer

Elastomeric ozone resistant coating meeting ATK Specification TS10248.

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SP-130XT-LV Acrylic Elastomer

Elastomeric protective coating. Moisture and Fungus Protection Paint meeting ATK Specification STW4-9084A.

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SP950 Elastomeric Dip Compound

An elastomeric compound formulated with unique thixotropic characteristics designed to be used as a dipping compound.

Corrocote 1295A – Urethane Clearcoat

A single component, moisture cure, aliphatic clear urethane coating. It produces a tough, glossy, hard wearing and chemically resistant surface. Designed as a protective coating for use over cable markings.

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PC-5 Neoprene Coating

PC-5 is a durable coating based on neoprene, a highly versatile synthetic rubber. It has excellent overall chemical and oil resistance. The coating is heat resistant (212oF continuous) and will not propagate flame. PC-5 remains flexible at low temperatures and is abrasion and puncture resistant. It resists failure from thermal shock or vibration. Chemical resistant maintenance coating.

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