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ARS-1 Roof Coating Systems - Fully Reinforced

Of all the high-performance roofing systems from Acrymax, our ARS-1 fully reinforced membrane systems provide the highest strength, durability, and unmatched moisture and thermal protection. Your roof is not only covered by our fluid-applied, waterborne elastomeric protective coatings, but it is reinforced with high-strength polyester roof fabric to form a monolithic roof membrane system that is fully adhered to the substrate.

Fluid-Applied Elastomeric Reinforced
Composite Roof Systems

Elastomeric roof coatings from Acrymax are advanced enough to work in some applications all by themselves. But when Acrymax combines its fluid-applied, liquid acrylic elastomeric coatings with durable reinforcement fabrics, you’re left with a reinforced roof membrane that delivers moisture and thermal protection that must be seen to be believed.

A new Acrymax reinforced roof is unparalleled in its roof waterproofing ability, and prevents the need for repairing roof leaks down the line. Acrymax fully reinforced roofing systems also boast reflective properties that keep your roof cool.
Whether it’s a roofing restoration project, routine roof maintenance, an historic roofing project, a school roofing project, a commercial or industrial roof, or a roof for new construction, Acrymax elastomeric roof coatings combined with reinforcement fabrics will create a seamless roof coating system that will protect your roof for years to come.

Systems For Asphalt, Single-Ply,
Concrete Roofs and Roof Board

Fluid applied elastomeric roofing systems from Acrymax are adaptable to nearly any surface under the sun. Once applied they provide the basis for sustainable roof systems that are easily maintained and provide years of outstanding service. These cold process roof systems offer an environmentally responsible method for roofing and weatherproofing applications.

Asphalt Roofs

Acrymax offers systems, including the ARS-1-A, ARS-1-50XT, and ARS-1-FR roof systems, to cover smooth or granulated asphalt roof surfaces, whether it’s built-up roofing or modified bitumen. These roofing systems provide a reinforced elastomeric roof membrane with an average thickness of 45 mils (ARS-1-A and ARS-1-FR) or 50 mils (ARS-1-50XT). The ARS-1-50XT system utilizes Acrymax AF-130XT high-strength roof coating as the finish. The Acrymax ARS-1-FR System is a fluid applied reinforced elastomeric roof membrane system utilizing AF-130FR Fire-retardant roof coating that when applied according to specification is FM approved for use recovering existing asphalt roofs.

Single-Ply Roofs

Single-ply membranes, such as EPDM, Hypalon, and PVC, are best served with our fully reinforced ARS-1-SP or ARS-1-SP50XT roofing systems, which integrate the existing membrane into a new composite roof membrane that provides exceptional performance. The ARS-1-SP’s reinforced elastomeric membrane averages 45 mils in thickness, while the ARS-1-SP50XT averages 50 mils and uses Acrymax AF-130XT elastomeric coating as the finish coats.

Concrete Roofs

The ARS-1-C and ARS-1-C50XT systems are designed to waterproof and weatherproof concrete roofs. The ARS-1-C system provides an average thickness of 45 mils. Our ARS-1-C50XT has an average thickness of 50 mils, and utilizes a finish coat of AF-130XT high-strength elastomeric coating for added durability.

Roof Board

The Acrymax ARS-1-RB System is a fluid applied reinforced elastomeric membrane system specifically designed for use over approved roof board. Combining multiple coats of Acrymax AF-130 Series Coatings with high strength polyester reinforcement the ARS-1-RB system cures to a durable, weatherproof, fully reinforced, and fully adhered elastomeric roof membrane.

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