Sustainable Roofing and Coating Solutions

When it comes to choosing high performance protective coatings, elastomeric roof coatings, or architectural coatings, building owners are putting environmental sustainability and “green” building features high on their priority list. With building codes requiring increased energy efficiency, government regulations requiring compliance with a range of environmental mandates, and the public demanding environmentally responsibility the trend towards the “greening” of the built environment is growing rapidly.

Studies have shown that “Green Buildings” cost, on average, less than 2% more to build than conventional non-green buildings and they reduce energy use by an average of 33%. In fact, “Green Buildings” provide financial and other benefits that conventional buildings do not. These benefits include energy and water savings, reduced waste, improved indoor environmental quality, greater employee comfort and productivity, and lower operations and maintenance costs. Furthermore, becoming known as a “green firm” can enhance your business’ reputation in the community and help you recruit and retain a superior workforce. As for the ever important bottom line, in addition to the payback that enhanced performance and energy efficiency provides — a “green” designation can also increase a building’s market value as assessed by appraisers and investors and improve leasing potential.

With environmental protective coatings from Acrymax Technologies, building owners don’t have to sacrifice value for quality – and they can be environmentally friendly at the same time. In fact, the eco-friendly green building materials and energy efficient roof coatings offered by Acrymax are not only affordable, but they offer an unmatched return on investment, thanks to dramatic reductions in energy and maintenance costs.


At Acrymax, we are committed to providing the best high performance roof coatings and reinforced roof membrane systems for every situation. We understand that while affordability is a priority for building owners, performance is equally important. In fact, life cycle analysis is making it clear that specifying superior quality roofing products makes environmental sense and can also be the most cost effective choice. Acrymax manufactures elastomeric coatings, polymer roofing systems, and architectural coatings that are not only competitively priced, but also help save money in the long-term. No Acrymax products demonstrate those properties better than our elastomeric roof coatings and roof membrane systems.

The program identifies products that offer energy efficiency. But it is more than just that – it is a partnership among government, business, and consumers, pursuing a common objective – to protect our environment for future generations. As a charter partner of the roofing program, Acrymax offers qualified elastomeric roof coatings and roof systems for building owners, allowing you to not only choose a trusted name and industry leader in protective coating systems, but also a product that will offer a return on investment with each and every energy bill.


Waterborne coating technology has come a long way over the years. In fact, in many cases environmentally advanced waterborne paint and coating formulations now outperform hazardous solvent borne paints and coatings. Acrymax waterborne liquid acrylic coatings – which can be used for coating metal roofs, asphalt roofs, concrete roofs, masonry walls, and even for historic roofing restoration – are also much safer for both the environment and the applicators than traditional solvent-borne coatings. In addition to reflective cool roof and roof coatings and roof membrane systems Acrymax offers waterborne coatings for applications including wall and floor coatings. Applicators not only benefit from the added safety of Acrymax waterborne coatings, but also from their ease of use, since they can often be applied just like a simple coat of paint. Acrymax is dedicated to providing eco-friendly and energy efficient products including acrylic roof coatings, elastomeric wall coatings, and a variety of coatings for moisture and thermal protection, corrosion control, and general protection of the built environment.


Since it was founded in 1951, Acrymax has been committed to providing our clients with coatings and roofing materials of the very highest quality. Additionally, we back up our products with customer service and technical support that is unsurpassed – serving not just building owners, but architects, contractors, homeowners, and anyone else interested in high performance coatings and roofing systems. Whether it is roof waterproofing, repairing roof leaks, installing a new reflective cool roof, weatherproofing an exterior masonry wall, or applying an elastomeric coating as part of an historic roofing restoration project, Acrymax has the answers to your coating needs. Contact us today to speak with an Acrymax expert about your project.