Wall Coating Warranties

For almost 6 decades Acrymax has been manufacturing high performance coatings and developing coating specifications for a variety of applications. For wall applications Acrymax offers acrylic elastomeric coatings for above-grade exterior walls. These coatings offer superior weatherproofing and waterproofing capabilities. Acrymax elastomeric wall coatings expand and contract with the building and seal hairline cracks and exhibit excellent adhesion, elongation, and durability. Acrymax wall coatings are breathable coatings that are ideally suited for application to masonry and stucco walls.

Often when evaluating coating options disproportionate emphasis is placed on warranties. This can sometimes lead to bad decisions. While warranties can protect the purchaser they are unfortunately often offered by companies with no track record and no history. Many times these same companies are not around if there is a problem. When considering your coating options you should also consider how long the manufacturer has been in business. This can be a good indication of the quality of their products. Acrymax has been manufacturing coatings since 1951 and we offer proven formulations. Of course we also offer standard warranties on of our products and specific warranties for wall coating systems. Unlike some warranties ours are backed by years of proven performance.


This warranty covers all Acrymax materials, and states that Acrymax products are free from manufacturing defects and that they meet the specifications set forth in the appropriate product data sheets, which can be accessed via our products page. Any materials that do not meet the minimum specifications stated, and are proven defective, will be replaced by Acrymax, or the cost will be refunded, as long as the claim is made within one year of the date of purchase. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available and buyer shall have no claim for incidental or consequential damages. Unless authorized in writing by an officer of Acrymax, no other representations or statements made by Acrymax or its representatives, in writing or orally, shall alter this warranty.


We offer other warranties for Acrymax Weatherproofing and Wall Coating Systems that offer longer terms and in some cases cover labor for any repairs that may be necessary during the term of the warranty. In most cases this requires application by an Acrymax approved applicator. Other requirements include the following:

  • Approval for warranty must be obtained prior to bidding or beginning project.
  • Coating system must be applied at recommended coverage rate per coat and minimum dry film thickness for the coating system must be achieved.
  • Project specifications and plans may be required to be submitted.
  • Pictures of project before, during, and after application of coating system must be submitted to Acrymax.
  • After completion of coating project an Acrymax Warranty Request form must be submitted.