Water Repellants

SR-5 penetrates into the substrate and chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide to form a hydrophobic, water-repellent resin within the pores and on the surface of the treated masonry or brick. This dual-action approach provides exceptional water repellency and helps maintain the structural integrity of your masonry.

SR-5 water repellent is specifically designed to help masonry resist cracking, spalling, staining, and other forms of damage caused by water intrusion. Its unique formulation provides long-lasting protection, ensuring the durability and integrity of your masonry structures.


  • Low VOC—meets strict SCAQMD standards

  • Exceptional water beading

  • Enhanced resistance to efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, cracking, and spalling

  • Provides invisible water-repellent coating on porous masonry surfaces

  • High vapor permeability allows the surface to breath

  • Reduces water absorption

  • Maximizes building life and reduces maintenance

  • Increased energy-efficiency by reducing heat loss from evaporation

  • Decreased thermal conductivity by keeping the surface dry and reducing heat passing through

  • Environmentally friendly waterborne formulation

We are confident that SR-5 will impress you with the way it protects and maintains masonry surfaces. Its advanced formulation, combined with its outstanding performance, makes it the ultimate choice for architects, contractors, and building owners alike. Experience the power of SR-5 and enjoy long-lasting protection and peace of mind. Contact Acrymax today.