Acrymax attends 2013 Greenbuild Leadership Luncheon

Today I attended the the 2013 Greenbuild Leadership Luncheon. With only about 2 months remaining til Greenbuild Nation comes to the greater Philadelphia area, this was a great event to kick things off. It allowed me to learn more about the work that has gone into Greenbuild 2013, the plans for Greenbuild, and to celebrate the leadership that Philadelphia and the USGBC has contributed to making this event a guaranteed success. Please take a minute to view the honorary chairs of Greenbuild 2013.

This event was held at The Hub – Cira Centre which is located adjacent to 30th Street Station. Given its location and keeping with the spirit of the event, I took the train to and from Philadelphia via the SEPTA Media/Elwyn Line. Not only was this a more environmentally friendly option than driving, but it also was more cost effective than parking in the city and I was able to be more productive on the train. This was truly sustainable option!