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Wagner College Student Union

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Staten Island, NY

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Acrymax Systems

AWS-15 & SR-5

Wagner College Student Union Gets a Makeover with Acrymax Flexible Coating Systems

Founded in the late 1800s, Wagner College has been a staple of the eastern Long Island community for well over a century. Boasting a picturesque campus sprawling across 38 acres, the institution provides unparalleled views of the vibrant New York Harbor, the iconic Manhattan skyline, the majestic Verrazano Bridge, and the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

Wagner College worked with Acrymax and Alpine Painting & Restoration to undertake a facade restoration project in 2022, to address the deterioration of its Student Union Building. The upper portion of the wall system was showing extensive surface degradation, including mold growth, hairline cracks, and spalling. The lower brick facade suffered from water infiltration and efflorescence staining despite the college’s previous repointing efforts. The college chose Acrymax’s flexible coating systems for their performance and compatibility with various substrates to manage these concerns, preserving the building’s integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Challenges and Solutions

Wagner College began the building restoration project for its Student Union Building in 2022. Acrymax was tasked with preserving the structural integrity and returning this architecture to its original prime. The college partnered with Alpine Painting & Restoration to implement the coating systems.

The upper half of the building, characterized by striking concrete features woven into its design, had weathered significantly over decades of exposure. Mold, mildew, hairline cracks, and emerging signs of spalling compromised its waterproofing capabilities and marred its original beauty. To address these challenges, a careful restoration plan was arranged. Beginning with a thorough cleaning to remove contaminants, the surface was primed with AF-110 Concrete and Masonry Sealer to ensure optimal adhesion. Subsequent applications of the AF-135 Protective Architectural Wall Coating System breathed new life into the façade, restoring its luster and protecting it against future deterioration.

Meanwhile, the lower half of the façade, which sports elegant brickwork, presented a separate set of restoration challenges. Despite the brick being well pointed, the age and weathering of the brick and mortar rendered it susceptible to water infiltration, resulting in unsightly efflorescence staining and waterproofing issues. Acrymax’s SR-5 Siloxane/Silane Sealer was selected for its deep penetrating protection and water-repellent capabilities. It effectively safeguards the brick without compromising its natural appearance. This strategic intervention preserved the integrity of the brickwork while safeguarding it against the effects of moisture ingress.

Results and Impact

This successful restoration of Wagner College’s Student Union Building exemplifies the potential of modern building preservation techniques. Once marred by the ravages of time and exposure, the building now radiates renewed vitality and resilience.

This successful building restoration project between Wagner College, Alpine Painting & Restoration, and Acrymax is a powerful example of how much can be accomplished with academia, industry, and innovation work together.

“Our team was impressed with Acrymax’s versatility of coating options,”  VP & Director of Commercial Division of Alpine Dave Scaturro said. “Their SR-5 Siloxane based penetrating sealer helped keep Wagner’s 100 year old brick protected and allowed for the natural beauty to shine through.  Their AF-135 Elastomeric completely changed the look of the uncoated concrete to a fresh new-like appearance.”


The restoration project, facilitated by Acrymax’s coating systems, underscores the enduring legacy of Wagner College and its dedication to excellence in historic preservation. Fully revitalized, the Student Union Building now serves as a welcoming, protected space for the entire student body.

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