Coating Systems for Concrete Roofs

Concrete is not as durable as most people think. Concrete is a porous material that will absorb water and this can lead to many problems including roof leaks, cracking, spalling, and general deterioration of the concrete. Commonly used in the Caribbean, concrete roofs need more than just a coat of paint – they need protection. With high-performance elastomeric roof coatings and fully or partially reinforced liquid acrylic roofing systems from Acrymax, any concrete roof can provide unmatched moisture and thermal protection while improving energy efficiency. Acrymax coatings and elastomeric roof systems for concrete roofs eliminate the endless repair of roof leaks and make roof maintenance expenses fade away.

Acrymax waterborne elastomeric coatings are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based coatings, making them safer for those working on the roof and those living or working beneath it. Whether the elastomeric coatings are used alone, or combined with Acrymax’s high-strength polyester roof fabric, the resulting roofing system will protect your concrete roof for years to come.

  • Fully Reinforced Roofing Systems: Acrymax offers fully reinforced solutions for concrete roofing solutions. The ARS-1-C and ARS-1-C50XT systems are designed to weatherproof and waterproof concrete roofs. The ARS-1-C system provides an average thickness of 45 mils, while the ARS-1-C50XT system adds finish coats of Acrymax AF-130XT high-strength elastomeric coating for an average thickness of 50 mils.
  • Partially Reinforced Roofing Systems: Acrymax partially reinforced roof coating systems combine our elastomeric coatings with reinforcing fabric on vulnerable roof areas to create the ARS-2-C25 and ARS-2-C30XT roofing systems. These systems help protect, maintain, and waterproof concrete roofs of any size and shape. The ARS-2-C25 system averages 25 mils on the field of the roof and 45 mils on the reinforced areas, while the ARS-2-C30XT system uses finish coats of AF-130XT high-strength elastomeric roof coating to provide a roof coating system averaging 30 mils on the field and 50 mils on reinforced areas.
  • Coating-Only Options: Acrymax’s ARS-3-C20 fluid-applied elastomeric coating system can be used, without reinforcing fabrics, for energy savings, as a roof maintenance coating system, or as a colored coating for architectural or aesthetic purposes. The ARS-3-C20 roof coating system provides an average thickness of 20 mils and is suitable for numerous roofing projects, including those in the Caribbean, where concrete roofs are common and the environment is warm and damp.

For more than five decades, Acrymax has been a leader in high-performance elastomeric coatings, including products for roof waterproofing, cool roofing, reflective roofing, roofing restoration, historic roofing, and countless other roofing projects. If you need a solution for coating concrete roofing – or any other roofing substrate – Acrymax is the answer.

And Acrymax covers more than just roofs. We are an industry leader in architectural coatings, waterproof masonry coatings, historic roofing restoration projects, and marine and aerospace applications. Not only do Acrymax products exceed the need, but with Acrymax, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. We are the definitive source for flexible coating solutions, and we stand behind our products and applications with unparalleled support. Contact Acrymax today to see what we can do for you.