Coating Systems for Metal Roofs

Metal roofs often require frequent roof maintenance to repair roof leaks. Harsh weather conditions cause corrosion that is both unsightly and destructive. Acrymax offers solutions to these problems with our high-performance waterborne elastomeric acrylic coating systems and rust-inhibitive primers. These systems provide unparalleled moisture and thermal protection while guarding against corrosion. With reflective cool roofing technology, our coatings can even save you money on energy bills.

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. Don’t let leaks and corrosion damage your investment. Acrymax offers a range of protective coating systems that will not only stop leaks and prevent corrosion, but also give your roof a fresh architectural look. Trust Acrymax to provide the best protection for your roof. For over 70 years our dedication to quality and innovation has allowed us to maintain our position as a leader in the industry. We remain committed to delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.

In addition to our elastomeric acrylic coatings, Acrymax also offers high-performance fluoropolymer coatings based on Kynar Aquatec® technology that is ideally suited for metal roof applications. These coatings offer exceptional weatherability and durability, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. These state-of-the-art coatings provide our customers with even more options to meet their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our fluoropolymer coatings and how they can benefit your project. Ask us about IR Infrared Reflective pigments that offer cool roofing benefits with darker architectural colors.

Kynar Aquatec® is a registered trademark of Arkema

Acrymax® is a registered trademark of Acrymax Technologies Inc.