USDA Kingville, TX restored using AF-4400 & AF-5500

This project was completed in 2018 at a USDA facility in Kingsville, TX using the AF-4400 for the roofing applications and AF-5500 for the metal wall panels.

These products provide the ultimate performance in roof coating and paint technology as they are formulated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resins.

The roofs received our ARS-3-M15 system (base coating with AF-130BC and finish coating with AF-130) prior to be coated with the AF-4400, while the walls were primed with PC-125 and top coated with AF-5500.The additional flexibility built in to the AF-4400 makes it better for top coating elastomeric coatings like AF-130, while the increased hardness in the AF-5500 makes it a better wall coating.

The owner selected these products because they “needed something that could withstand the punishing summer sun and the constant salt that is in the air”. Additionally, they don’t receive budgets for repainting building very often so the long term performance of this product will assist them greatly.

The applicator – AMG Construction Company, Inc. – thought that the products were easy to work with because of their waterborne properties, but beyond the products, “the support received exceeded our expectations from customer service, technical assistance to product delivery.”