Do Acrymax Elastomeric Coatings meet the “Standards” for Historic Projects?

Acrymax has been a trusted partner on historic preservation projects for decades, thanks to our innovative elastomeric coatings. Our involvement in preserving historic metal roofs began when we used Acrymax coatings on the metal roofs of our founder’s shore home in Cape May, New Jersey. This large circa 1875 Queen Anne Victorian served as the perfect proving ground for our products, systems, and techniques, and we have continued to refine and improve our solutions. When it comes to historic and vintage metal roofs you can trust Acrymax to provide the best protection for your historic building, ensuring its longevity and beauty for generations to come. Historic Preservation – Acrymax

Standards and Guidelines

There are standards and guidelines for historic preservation offered by Federal, State, and local governments. One of the preeminent resource guides is the “The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring & Reconstructing Historic Buildings (2017)”. This is an essential resource for anyone involved in the preservation of historic buildings. This comprehensive guide provides valuable guidance on how to preserve and maintain historic buildings. By adhering to these standards, we can ensure that any work on historic buildings is done in a way that preserves their historical and architectural significance. It is crucial to consult with preservation professionals early on in any project to ensure that the standards are followed, and the building’s historic integrity is maintained. With this guide, we can ensure that our historic buildings continue to stand the test of time and remain a vital part of our cultural heritage.

There is a wealth of information available regarding historic preservation. If you are seeking guidance two good places to start are:

  1. Historic Preservation Standards and Guidelines
  2. State Historic Preservation Offices

When working on historic properties, it’s essential to use systems that accurately preserve the historic character of the structure, while also ensuring its functionality for modern living. This requires a delicate balance between preserving the past and meeting the needs of the present. Modern state of the art materials such as Acrymax can be used when appropriate. Our systems for metal roofs retain the appearance of the existing roof while also keeping the water out.

So, do Acrymax systems meet the standards for use on historic projects? Knowing that Acrymax systems have been approved and accepted by the National Park Service and state and local organizations throughout the country for use on historic projects we can confidently say that the answer is yes!

To read more about Acrymax’s historical preservation, click here for our work on Thomas Point Lighthouse: