Ecobuild America Exhibition December 3-7, 2012

Acrymax Technologies, Inc. will be an exhibitor at the Ecobuild America Exhibition which will be held in early December. The Ecobuild America Exhibition will be held at the Washington, DC Convention Center.

Acrymax’s exhibit will focus on sustainability, high performance, and technology solutions. Acrymax will feature a new product, ARS-1R, a composite elastomeric roof coating system containing recycled content.

Ecobuild America
Eric Bennung, Product Development Engineer for Acrymax, will be one of the 2012 speakers at the Ecobuild America 2012. Eric will talk about Acrymax’s high performance coating systems and how they fit within a sustainable building model. Specific points that will be covered will be cool roofing, recycled content, building reuse and durability.

Save the dates of December 3-7, 2012 and come join Acrymax Technologies, Inc. at the Ecobuild America Exhibition at the Washington, DC Convention Center. For more information on the Exhibition and information on travel and housing visit